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Harness the hidden power of your Inbox

Ocean unifies emails, tasks, and meeting coordination for freelancers — so you can focus on getting more done.

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Coming soon for iPhone

For Gmail and Google WorkspaceSupports macOS Big Sur (11.x) or later

Is your Inbox stuck in neutral?


Using “Mark as Unread / Star”

These features were designed to identify important emails, not track their associated tasks.

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With Ocean

Emails and tasks, in one tool

Emails often require actions, Ocean allows you to store actionable information directly to new or existing tasks — add additional tasks or subtasks to manage your project.


Constant back-and-forth for a time to meet

You know the drill, you send an email with your availability and by the time your recipient responds those slots are unavailable. The cycle begins again.

Illustration of calendar events moving back and forth
With Ocean

You control your schedule

You set the rules by defining when to take meetings, Ocean does the rest. Times are automatically added to your emails based on your rules and availability; goodbye checking, copying, and pasting time periods from your calendar.


Overflowing and noisy Inbox

Filled with newsletters you don’t read but never get around to unsubscribing and notification emails you don’t need – a lot of noise for no reason.

illustration of a noisy inbox
With Ocean

Turbo cleanup for your Inbox

Identify which emails to triage and which to keep in seconds. Bulk unsubscribe from newsletters and annoying emails by adding them to your block list so they’ll truly stay away.

Much more than email...

Email Highlights

Easily find essential parts of an email by saving them as color-coded highlights.

Booking Lead Time

No more scrambling to reshuffle your schedule when a client confirms at the last minute.

Monitor Task Completion

Focus Blocks

Stay in flow by scheduling protected blocks of time to complete tasks and prevent disruption.

Monitor Task Completion

Focus Blocks

Stay in flow by scheduling protected blocks of time to complete tasks and prevent disruption.

Consolidated Attachments

Stop hunting for attachments required to do your work.

One-Click Meeting Invites

Is Ocean for you?

Yes if

You are a solo entrepreneur or part of a very small team

You appreciate a fast native Apple (Mac, iPhone) solution that doesn’t eat up your systems memory

You want an efficient email to task workflow that gives you more time for impactful work

You're ready to develop better email and workflow habits

Maybe not if

You don’t use Gmail / Google Workspace or don’t have a Mac / iPhone

You want confettis or a nice image when you reach Inbox zero

You already have a sophisticated workflow that integrates emails, tasks and meeting scheduling

You work as part of a big team that needs extensive collaborative features

Transform your “now” Inbox into an Ocean Inbox.

Are you ready?

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Why we Made Ocean

Our goal from the onset was to create native and beautifully crafted Apple software.

Stemmed from a need to manage the inbox in an innovative way; to increase focus on what matters and quickly get rid of the rest.

This isn’t the inbox you know. Ocean helps you stay focused, identify the important work, and protect your time in one place – no more wasted time switching tools.

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